Pulled Chicken – Saucy & Easy

Pulled Chicken. Sometimes when life hands you a tough old bird and you have no time ya just gotta improvise. And my slow cooker is busted so I pulled out my trusty Staub (sort of like Le Creuset only cast iron and way more awesome) and stuffed the old bird (literally) in. It seemed a … Continue reading Pulled Chicken – Saucy & Easy

Tuna & Root Vegetable “Muffins”

The second entrant in our  savoury muffin category, I've been meaning to make these ever since I made the Salmon and Sweet Potato Curried version a couple of weeks ago.  I finally got to it today and they did not disappoint.  One caveat, if you want to use these as a post workout tool you … Continue reading Tuna & Root Vegetable “Muffins”

Butter vs. Margarine – is there even a doubt?

First things first:  No quote is worthy unless you know where it came from.  Joan Dye Gussow is an author, a professor at Columbia University, she is a food policy expert, an environmentalist and a gardener...according to the New York Times she is the "matriarch of the eat-locally-think-globally food movement".  Based on what I have … Continue reading Butter vs. Margarine – is there even a doubt?

The Value of Eating Raw Protein

Do you eat enough raw food? Quite apart from what foods you are eating, one of the things that many people forget is the ratio of cooked to raw food. Consider that the general recommendation is to eat slightly more than half of your food in it's raw state. For many people, particularly at this … Continue reading The Value of Eating Raw Protein

Beef & Liver Meatballs – Why Liver Deserves a Place in Your Regular Diet

Organ Meats:  To many people, just the suggestion causes them to wrinkle their noses and turn the other way...in our North American sensibility, so many of us just don't go there.  And yet, from a nutrition stand point the health benefits point to a growing need to reincorporate these foods into out regular diet.  Reincorporate? … Continue reading Beef & Liver Meatballs – Why Liver Deserves a Place in Your Regular Diet

Salad: Friend or Foe?

This morning I came across an article on Huffpost that caught my eye - the title:  "The Unhealthiest Salads You Can Eat"  here's the link if you would like to read it for yourself: http://huff.to/1Dx1ru7. The premise of the article is well meaning, to the average person I am sure it is beneficial and eye opening  but … Continue reading Salad: Friend or Foe?

Ghee – How to and Why Would You?

Now that Grass Fed Butter seems to be easier to access in our fair city it seems like the right time to post a quick blurb about the benefits of ghee and how to make it. Benefits of ghee - it tastes amazing it is safe for high heat cooking it is dairy free (all the … Continue reading Ghee – How to and Why Would You?