Flatiron Steak on The Big Green Egg


It’s BBQ season and it’s too hot these days to even think about turning on your oven so what could be better than an awesome BBQ recipe for the heat of Summer?

First step is to start with a great cut of meat – my favourites include: flank steak, hanger steak, Vacio and flatiron.  No, none of these are Ribeye’s but they are the kind of cuts that are not quite premium (although when you are buying grass fed beef pretty much everything is premium) that you slice and serve.  The end result is that you eat a smaller possibly more appropriate quantity of beef (remember that 4-6 oz constitutes a serving).

Next step is the RUB.  You can buy pre made rubs but in my experience they are almost always laced with sugar as well as MSG and often include bad fats and poor quality ingredients – none of which are desirable or necessary.  So – with a few spices in the house you can make your own in the time it takes to unscrew the tops off a couple of bottles of spices.  Here is one of my favourite combinations – I tend to just shake the spice all over the surface of the meat and, because these are relatively lean cuts I also rub a bit of olive oil all over the surface of the steak.

  • ground cumin
  • ground chili powder (I tend to use mild)
  • ground paprika
  • ground turmeric (I go a bit lighter on this one)
  • dried thyme
  • sea salt

You can rub these in one by one or mix about 1/2 tsp of each (except turmeric 1/4 tsp will do) in a bowl, mix well and rub as one.  To save yourself time, you can also make a large batch – label it and store it in a glass jar.

Once you have coated your steak in this delicious anti inflammatory and aromatic spice mix I like to add one more thing: the juice of 1/2 a lime.

Let it sit and come to room temp for about 15-20 minutes.

Heat your grill to 300 (I cook at relatively low temp to minimize the formation of nasty carcinogens).

Place the seasoned meat on heated grill, these cuts tend to be relatively thin – often less than an inch so I find that 5-7 minutes on the first side and then another 5-6 on the second gets me to a medium rare steak which is exactly where we like it.

If you want to be a bit decadent – add a generous pat of Grass Fed Butter on top of your steak after you flip it over near the end of the cooking time and allow it to melt into the meat (optional but delicious)…

Serve with a mountain of greens to further neutralize any negatives from the grilling process and ENJOY!


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