Flatiron Steak on The Big Green Egg

It’s BBQ season and it’s too hot these days to even think about turning on your oven so what could be better than an awesome BBQ recipe for the heat of Summer? First step is to start with a great cut of meat - my favourites include: flank steak, hanger steak, Vacio and flatiron.  No, … Continue reading Flatiron Steak on The Big Green Egg

Broccoli Butter Sauce

Broccoli Butter Sauce Full disclosure: Although I really wish I had, I did not come up with this recipe myself.  However, I can tell you that every person in my world who has tasted it has come back for more.  It’s from the Bulletproof Diet Book and it’s under Creamed Vegetables which I personally do … Continue reading Broccoli Butter Sauce