Pulled Chicken – Saucy & Easy

Pulled Chicken. Sometimes when life hands you a tough old bird and you have no time ya just gotta improvise. And my slow cooker is busted so I pulled out my trusty Staub (sort of like Le Creuset only cast iron and way more awesome) and stuffed the old bird (literally) in. It seemed a … Continue reading Pulled Chicken – Saucy & Easy

Grass Fed Beef Shank…Stuffed with Herbed Marrow

"A traditional Northern Italian Dish" is how Harry at the Healthy Butcher first described the interesting roast sitting front and centre in the store last Friday.  I was hosting a dinner party the next night but was looking for something to make that: Was a bit different than the same old same old Would fulfill … Continue reading Grass Fed Beef Shank…Stuffed with Herbed Marrow